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Please see our offer. We specialize in the production of all steel structures and their regeneration. Certainly we will meet every, even the highest Client’s requirements.

  • Turning

    For turning we use the TUR MN 560x1000.

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  • Cutting and Grinding

    For cutting we use the Trumpf TC L 3030 4 kW LASER. We cut profiled material with a wall thickness of 20 mm.  

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  • Welding

    Welding is performed with the use of MIG/MAG method dedicated to steel and non-ferrous metals (MAG) and aluminum and its alloys (MIG).

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  • Shot blasting

    We offer blast cleaning which proves to be able to be used in case of different materials and cleaning of hard to access places. We clean the surfaces covered with rust, mill scale, lacquers and paints.

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  • Painting

    We protect metal elements using anti corrosion epoxy, alkyd and polyurethane paints, both in undercoating and in on surface painting, as well as with the use of other paints according to customers’ individual needs.

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