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Why us?

handWe meet Customer’s expectations

Please see the offer of METTAP Company. We started our activity on August 4th, 2010 with the production and repair of metal containers. Today, we specialize in the production of all steel structures and their regeneration.


Well qualified staff will ensure the implementation of the most complex structures with proper care, starting from design to implementation.

We offer professional and comprehensive advice and short lead times.

We own production halls with an area of 15 thousand square meters where the production line, assembly line, shot-blasting equipment and painting room are located.

For production we use specialized machines, tools and instruments of our own design.

We focus on quality and precision which is assured thanks to prepared with special care technological process.

mindWe are creative

Prior to the manufacturing process we construct a prototype which is implemented into production only after meeting the technological and quality requirements.


qualityWe are reliable

We keep technical documentation in accordance with the international quality standards and regulations.


inowacjeWe are innovative

We focus on ecology by adapting to environmental regulations and standards, in particular by avoiding the use of harmful substances.